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New Technology R&D Company on the Horizon

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Robert Sugar

Robert Sugar is a scientist, researcher and IT entrepreneur the same time. He has been starting companies since 1996, ranging from software companies, media companies, computer game developer companies and internet companies.

Robert Sugar was born in 1978, and grew up in Hungary. He graduated in physics at the Lorand Eotvos University (Budapest, Hungary). First software engineering was just his hobby and later it has become his full time profession. His first development project was about artificial intelligence and graphical visualization for computer games back in 1996. He founded his own game developing studio in 2001- called Mithis Entertainment - in the heart of Budapest the capital of Hungary. Until the end of 2005 his studio completed four big game titles which were distributed world-wide by well known multi-national publishers.

Since his departure from the gaming industry in 2006 he has been focusing on cutting edge technology development. His fields of interest are "Visualization", "Virtual Reality" and "Artificial Intelligence".

Past: Mithis Entertainment

Mithis was founded in 2001 for the purposes of "AAA" game development. From a small group of enthusiastic people, Mithis Entertainment has become the biggest developer studio in Hungary by 2005.

The company’s goal remained the same: to continuously provide the gamers with Console, PC and Cellular titles of outstanding quality and to become one of the most acclaimed, leading developers in the world by gathering together the most talented developers in the Central European region.

"We made the kind of games we expected to get a good reception in the market and games we ourselves also enjoyed playing. Titles that portray visually engaging, fully immersive worlds with vastly entertaining gameplay."

As registered console developers, Mithis was dedicated to pushing ahead the level of quality in electronic gaming. Mithis Studios acomplished 4 big "AAA" game titles altogether and various Cellular games.
Nexus: the Jupiter Incident, publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Battlestations: Midway, publisher: Eidos
Joint Task Force, publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Creature Conflict: the Clan Wars, publisher: 1C

Present and Future: Research & Development

Recently a new R&D company has been established by Robert Sugar for the purpose of doing sciencific research in various fields like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc. He is surrounded by a team of international researchers, and they are heavily working on multiple technology developments based on brand new ideas.

Realtime Volumetric Visualization and Raytracing

Volumetric Raytracing is an image-based volume rendering technique. It computes 2D images from 3D volumetric data sets by tracing the path of light through the volume.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a variation of Virtual Environments (VE), or Virtual Reality as it is more commonly called. VE technologies completely immerse a user inside a synthetic environment. While immersed, the user cannot see the real world around him. In contrast, AR allows the user to see the real world, with virtual objects superimposed upon or composited with the real world. Therefore, AR supplements reality, rather than completely replacing it. Ideally, it would appear to the user that the virtual and real objects coexisted in the same space.

Artificial Intelligence

The name speaks for itself. Artificial Intelligence is one of the major reserach ares of the 21st century. The main fields of operation are: perception, recognition, learning, and problem solving. menubar item menubar item menubar item menubar item menubar item