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Robert Sugar's biography

About Me

Innovating Information Technology since 1996.

Hello, my name is Robert Sugar, I am a researcher, software entrepreneur, and father, have been starting companies since 1996, ranging from software companies, media companies, computer games and internet companies.

I was born in 1978, and grew up in Hungary. I graduated in physics/astronomy in 2001 at the Lorand Eotvos University (Budapest, Hungary). First software engineering was just my hobby and later it has become a full time profession.

My first development project was about artificial intelligence and graphical visualization for computer games back in 1996. I founded my own game developing studio in 2001- called Mithis - in the heart of Budapest the capital of Hungary. Until end of 2005 my studio completed four big titles which were distributed world-wide by well known publishers. The more and more difficult economic situation of Central-Eastern Europe pushed me to discontinue with further market development there.

I am currently living in the UK with my wife and our three wonderful daughters. My attention is fully focused on cutting edge technologies and nevertheless my family.

Research interests

My main objectives can be formulated in two simple questions:
#1. What is universe?
#2. How does it come that we are conscious beings and keep thinking about question #1?
In general I am interested in:
Visualization & Simulation;
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics;
Interactive media and learning networks;
Innovative ICT solutions for developers, scientists, industrial manufacturers, and service providers of various businesses to improve on efficiency and possibly to lower operational/production costs.


Astronomy & Astrophysics, C, C++, Assembly, Prolog, Java, Basic, Pascal programming, Parallel programming, Parallel algorithms, OpenCL, Cuda programming, Visual computing, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Visual effects, 3D visualization, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, 3D graphics, 3D reconstruction, Ray tracing, 2D to 3D conversion, Photo realistic rendering, Real-time rendering, Volume rendering, OpenGL, Direct3D, Computational physics, Particle physics, Particle effects, Fluid simulation, Fluid mechanics, Fluid effects, Image reconstruction, Pattern recognition, Object recognition, Mathematics, Mathematical programming, Evolutionary algorithms, Artificial intelligence, Neural networks, Cellular automaton, Artificial life, Php, Xml, Html, Css, Javascript, Actionscript scripting, Business planning, New-business development


IEEE member
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pc zone studio of the month

PCZone: Studio of the Month, July 2004.


If you want to go out for lunch or dinner with me then you have to know that I am vegetarian.

i am vegetarian

Frequently asked questions for the reader (as I am annoyed answering them on and on):
Are you vegetarian or vegan?Vegetarian.
Do you eat meat?No.
Do you eat fish?No!
How about seafood?No!
Do you eat eggs, mushrooms, or milk products?Yes.
Since when have you been vegetarian?Since I turned 19.
Are you vegetarian due to religious reasons?No.
Do you expect any improvement on your health?No.
Are you vegetarian because you simply dislike meat?Yup.
Do you eat lots of soya products every day?Not really. menubar item menubar item menubar item menubar item menubar item